Forge Development Academy

We Are About: World-class development, authentic training, research & education. We are not about shiny uniforms, buildings & materials.

Center of Excellence: Continuous education by top international coaches, weekly literature review, character building & unique training quality.

  • Different: Yes education, work ethic, top character, top development, no travel, no high costs, no shiny objects.
  • Who: Players ages 9-16, ready to train a) in a high-level academy b) positive environment c) pursue maximum growth d) respect the process of work, education & grit. Expectations & Standards: will all be shared with all accepted players.
  • Teams: Forge Developmental Academy players register for a player assessment based on age & ability. We offer a spot to players that are ready to train, communicate to players that are not ready yet, and open the waitlist. Teams are formed at 4 levels/ages (basic 9-10, intermediate 11-12, advanced 13-14, select 15-16).
  • Location: Training takes place at 110 N Gammon Rd, Madison, WI 53717. Tournaments/labs take place at either 155 Braun Rd, Oregon, WI 53575 or 411 Prairie Heights Dr, Verona, WI 53593.
  • Season: Forge Developmental Academy season includes two sessions, a 2.5 months winter session & a 2.5 months summer session. Each session includes 1 x a week training, 4 tournaments, 5 core technical labs. In addition we offer added value of optional spring lab training. This is only optional, available only to academy players, must be a Blue Talent Program player (an invite only program for students that show: highest work ethic, highest student mindset, highest team unity, highest mindset endurance). Finally, we will offer additional optional competition. Forge Developmental Academy is guided by the academy director, head coach, academy coaches, sports psychologist, and top international coach mentors. Please see "about us" for more.

Program Includes: All facility fees, coaching fees, (training & internal tournaments), referee fees, TeamSnap, training shirt, player evaluation, sport psychology (older players), character development, admin, other.

We Are a Club Neutral Program: No conflict with club soccer, we provide top developmental opportunities, you continue with your soccer club.

National Center of Excellence Program - Unmatched: Value - Environment - Development

Our Motto: “Forge Courage - Forge Together”

Forge Academy Developmental Teams - 2024 - Click Here To Register

“You cannot dream yourself into a character;
you must hammer and forge yourself one.”

— James Anthony Froude —