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Code of Excellence

We Are About

World-class development, authentic training, research & education. We are not about shiny uniforms, buildings & materials.

Purpose: To provide moving human excellence & joy in sports & life.

Vision: To offer every player/team the safest & most knowledgeable futsal/soccer program in the nation. To offer highest character & relationship development.

Mission: To develop & advance the best quality futsal/soccer players/teams in the nation. To develop great human character & relationships.

Core ValuesIgnite (Joy & Respect), Pursue (Industrious & Student), Excel (Cohesive & Endure)

Our Motto: Forge ECU (Every Situation is Alright, Courage to Persevere in the Face of Impossible Odds, Unity Above All)

“You cannot dream yourself into a character;
you must hammer and forge yourself one.”

— James Anthony Froude —