Forge Junior Academy

We Are About: World class development, authentic training, research & education. We are not about shiny uniforms, buildings & materials.

Center of Excellence: Continuous education by top international coaches, weekly literature review, character building & unique training quality.

  • Different: Yes education, work ethic, top character, top development, no travel, no high costs, no shiny objects.
  • Who: Players ages 6-8, ready to train with a) most knowledgeable academy b) positive environment c) passion & joy d) growth process. No travel, no shiny objects, minimal time commitment and cost. Unmatched development.
  • Teams: Forge Junior Academy players register for a flexible player placement based on age & maturity. We will try to offer a spot to all players that are able to be independent to train and enjoy playing the game. We will of course communicate to players that are not ready yet. Forge Junior Academy teams will have a maximum of 8-9 players and 1 coach, two teams will train together.
  • Season: Forge Junior Academy is a Fall & Spring program. Teams ages 5 & 6 train on weekends for 8 weeks in the fall & 8 weeks in the spring, with 15-20 minutes allowed for playing. Teams ages 7 & 8 train on weekends for 8 weeks in the fall & 8 weeks in the spring, with 15-20 minutes allowed for playing. In addition, ages 7 & 8 will also do 2 internal tournaments each season for some early formal competition.
  • Dream Big & Work Big: The vision for the Forge Junior Academy is to offer the most unique early authentic development, joy, character and love for the game to players ages 5-8. The training model follows that of top international academies where learning, working, joy and passion are the core of this value based program. For a unique and evidence based environment, the training model will combine half of the season in a futsal court and half of the season in an outdoor pitch.

Program Includes: All facility fees, coaching fees, TeamSnap and training shirt.

We Are a Club Neutral Program: No conflict with club soccer, we provide top developmental opportunities, you continue with your soccer club.

National Center of Excellence Program - Unmatched: Value - Environment - Development

Our Motto: “Forge Courage - Forge Together”

Junior Pre Forge Teams - 2023/2024 - Click Here To Register


“You cannot dream yourself into a character;
you must hammer and forge yourself one.”

— James Anthony Froude —