Forge Junior Academy

We Are About: World class development, research & education. We are not about shiny uniforms, buildings & materials.

Center of Excellence: Continuous education by world class coaches, weekly research, character building & unique training quality.

The Blue Talent Program: Forge Junior Academy players are automatically part of “The Blue Talent Program”, a long term initiative to develop players that develop a) love and joy for the game, b) fantastic individual and collective qualities & highest standards toward the beautiful game. We will share more details with participating members.

  • Different Model: Yes to education, work ethic, character, joy, top development. No travels, no high costs, no shiny objects.
  • Who: Players ages 7-8, ready to train with an academy that focuses on: a) evidence based b) positive environment c) passion & joy d) growth process.
  • Teams: Forge Junior Academy players register for a flexible player placement based on age & maturity. We will try to offer a spot to all players & of course communicate to players that are not ready yet. Forge Junior Academy teams will have a maximum of 8 players and 1 coach, two teams will train together.
  • Season: Forge Junior Academy is a Fall & Spring program. Teams ages 7 & 8 train on weekends for 8 weeks in the fall & 8 weeks in the spring (with the last 15-20 minutes allowed for playing). In addition, ages 7 & 8 will also do 3 internal tournaments each season for some early formal competition.
  • Dream Big & Work Bigger: The vision for the Forge Junior Academy is to offer the most unique early authentic development, joy, character and love for the game to players ages 7-8. The training model follows that of top international academies where learning, working, joy and passion are the core of this value based program.

Program Includes: All facility fees, coaching fees, TeamSnap and training shirt.

We Are a Club Neutral Program: No conflict with club soccer, we provide top developmental opportunities, you continue with your soccer club.

National Center of Excellence Program - Unmatched: Value - Environment - Development

Our Motto: “Forge Courage - Forge Together”

Forge Junior Academy Teams - 2023/2024 - Click Here To Register


“You cannot dream yourself into a character;
you must hammer and forge yourself one.”

— James Anthony Froude —