National Futsal Details


Program Fall, Winter, Spring
Fall Season (team value) Sep-Oct 6 weeks (flexible)
Training – Team (Lab) 1.5h Sunday Evening
Winter Season Nov, Dec, Jan 12 weeks
Training – Team Fitness 30 min x 2 per week pre training
Training – Team (regular) 2 x a week x 1.5h each 
Training – GK 1-2 x a week
Play – “Street Play” 3-4 Times a Month
Play – Winter 1 League and/or Weekly Social Gathering
Play – Winter 2 League Madison Futsal League (parent supervision, captain led)
Midwest Futsal Club Championships November (WI), December (WI), January (WI)
Play – Regional Tournament All teams (end of Jan, MN) 
Forge Hangout Weekly Social Gathering
College Showcase Possibly
Note: Alternatives are possible, (especially for older teams/league)
Extended Winter Season (team value) Apr-May 6-8 weeks (flexible)
Lab training or “Street Play” 1.5h Sunday Evening
Program Fee

$1085 ($390 due at tryouts, $695 Nov 1) covers everything

Program Hours Fall, Winter, Spring, 95+ quality hours
Program Includes Winter 1 & Winter 2 League, Midwest Championships, Regional Tournament
Program Includes All Trainings, Facilities, Referees, Coaches, TeamSnap, Admin, Video Analysis, PTG
Program Includes Above All – World Class Training (uniform not included)
Note: We will consider if teams want additional national or international competition
National Competition Jun-Jul
Criteria for National Tournament Only teams qualified are required to attend (optional for others)
Training – Team (regular) 3x a week x 5 weeks
Training – Team Fitness 30min x 2x a week x 5 weeks pre training
Training – GK 1-2 x a week
Forge Hangout Weekly Social Gathering
National Tournament Yes (For Teams Qualified)
Summer Fee $375 
Program Includes Everything (Facilities, Coaches, GK training, TeamSnap, Admin, Nationals)
Note: Optional summer training for teams not qualified 3x a week x 5 weeks, $295