National Futsal Details


Program Fall (flexible), Winter, Extended Winter
Pre-Season (added team value) Sep-Oct (flexible attendance), Sunday Evening
Core Winter Season Nov, Dec, Jan
Training  2 x a Week x 1.5h each (12 WKS)
League (winter 1 or winter 2) Yes – Younger Teams Only (Nov-Dec or Jan-Feb)
Friendlies or Showcase Yes – All Teams
Second – Friendlies or Showcase Possible – All Teams
Regional Tournament #1 Yes – All Teams (late Jan, Minnesota)
Regional Tournament #2 Yes – Older Teams Only (mid Jan, St Louis or Feb, Kansas City) 
Goalkeeper Training Yes – All Teams
International/Other Competition Optional only & very select teams only
Other Personal Team Growth, Video Analysis, Evaluations, Additional Training
Extended Season (added team value) Feb-Mar, Sunday Evening
Winter Fee $990 ($495 due after accepted offer, and $495 Nov 1)
Program Hours 80+ Hours
Includes All: Trainings, Friendlies, League, Regional Tournaments, Facilities, Goalkeeper Training, Coaches, Referees, TeamSnap, Admin, Video Analysis, PTG, & Above All – World Class Training
Summer Options

Mid Jun – Mid Jul

Teams Qualified for Nationals Must Attend
All Other Teams Optional Summer Training
Training Train Tue, Wed, Fri, Sun
National Tournament Yes For Teams Qualified
Summer Fee $375 – Teams Competing at Nationals, $275 – Teams not Competing at Nationals
Program Includes Everything (Facilities, Coaches, GK training, TeamSnap, Admin, Nationals)
Additional – Added Player Value


Summer Player “Street Club”, Wednesdays Between 8 – 10 AM
Fee Complimentary To Forge National Academy Players