Forge Voices

Ella Schad
Forge National Academy player and Coastal Carolina University (Div 1) Fall 2020
“ I believe Forge has drastically improved my technical side of the game”


Quinn Davis
Player 2021 Season
“Forge National Academy is the best opportunity I have ever had to improve my everything”


Sid Marquaedt
2016 National Futsal Champion Team
“Forge National Academy has helped my skills, training, mental discipline, and will give me the edge as I compete at the college level”


Nico Camacho
2019 Season Player & Current Levante Academy Spain
“In Forge National Academy, you do not stop trying and you do not give up”


Norah Feinberg
Player 2022 Season
“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much” (Hellen Keller)


Sawyer FitzRandolph
Player 2018 Season
“I love Forge National Academy, its an opportunity to play with and against other top players in the country, while working on my game, bothy physically and mentally”


Isabel Frantz
Player 2020 Season
“Always put in training, what you will see out of it”


Ava Butsic
Player 2022 Season
“Brains in head, feet in shoes, steer yourself any direction you choose” (Doctors Suess)


Nate Dresen
“Forge National Academy taught me how to unite as a team”


Aidan Jarecki
Player 2022 Season
“Forge National Academy developed me and challenged me at every step of the way”


Izzy Barmore
Player 2018 Season
“Forge National Academy has truly been a major aspect of my game and as a person”